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Frequently Asked Questions

Lone Star Fences New Braunfels is a well-known fencing company with a team of highly professional experts, each at the ready to handle various projects you have planned. Our company has gone through thick and thin over the past few years to become the go-to source for many people in the area. We receive all sorts of questions, related to our business. Want to check them out? Here, you can.

What services do you provide?

Our company specializes in outdoor fencing, offering the installation and maintenance of different types of fence. We can handle various chain link fence installation, as well as fix any damage on your wooden fence. We can also add fire pits and stone pillars to give your place that modern and luxurious look you dream about.

Do you work on home projects only or serve business clients, too?

Our team offers professional residential fencing. However, we have a long history of working on various commercial projects, as well. We aim to provide both homeowners and businesses with a unique outdoor improvement that will certainly fit their tastes and preferences.

What sets you apart from the other fencing companies in the region?

Apart from being able to handle all sorts of outdoor fence installations, add various features, as well as ensure flawless fence repair services, our bonded company is known for being honest and committed to customer satisfaction. We not only give free estimates but offer a 5% discount to all our new customers.

Do you work on weekends?

Our fencing company is available throughout the entire week, including weekends. You can easily take advantage of our 24-hour services.

Do you accept credit cards?

We aim to provide flexible payment solutions to each of our customers. Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards. We accept cash, as well as other methods, including “Money-Order.”

Do you work on custom projects?

All the projects we work on are custom. We are entirely open-minded when it comes to serving our clients, whether it’s a small hole or a major fence repair your outdoor structure requires. We can create beautiful metal fences, install chain link fences to cover any size of the area you require.

Do you provide all the materials necessary?

We have spent the last fourteen years not only developing our techniques but on establishing and maintaining solid relations with our trustworthy suppliers of top-shelf fencing materials. Not only that, but we also utilize high-end fence repair tools and demonstrate professionalism, featuring meticulous precision to detail.

Do I need to make an appointment?

We serve on various outdoor fence projects, each one more different than the other. Sometimes, we might get called to cover a small damage repair, other situations, may involve a more complex task, such as a custom metal fence installation project. That is why we make sure to arrange a convenient appointment to meet any busy schedule, as well as our own.

If you have other questions you wish to point out, feel free to contact our company in New Braunfels, TX to speak with our representatives. We await your calls at (830) 216-6648 and will answer anything you need to know related to our business. We look forward to hearing from you. Get in touch with us today!

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