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Planning a new fence installation could be the capstone of making a property look attractive and valuable. After a new house is built, usually, installing the fence is the last step of making a house a home. If you have just built or bought your dream home but don’t like the current fencing, turn to our experts to assist you with suitable options, materials, and designs. For your convenience, we have created a Google Business page so that you can leave your review there. We would be glad to know what you think of our reliable outdoor fencing services.

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Lone Star Fences New Braunfels
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 13 reviews
by Will and Carol K. on Lone Star Fences New Braunfels
Rene and crew did a great job

Lone Star Fences did a great job helping us with our new fence. It wasn’t a big job but they treated it like it was an important job. Rene and his crew were on-time, worked hard, cleaned up, and all for a very fair price.

I would certainly recommend Lone Star Fences to anyone needing fencing, concrete, or stone work.

by Kevin E. on Lone Star Fences New Braunfels
Awesome work

Needed to fence in our ~.6 acre back yard area and ended up with 562 linear feet to close it off with three gates. Crew was professional and helpful in getting the design and installation completed quickly. Well recommended in our neighborhood and I'll gladly add my recommendation as well!

by Juana T. on Lone Star Fences New Braunfels

I’ve long given up on my home’s chain link fence. My husband already did the maintenance needed but we keep encountering issues with it! Last time, my husband had to cut the bad section and sliding but it’s too much work. Thankfully, your team came to help us and I should say that you did a job well done! Would recommend you to my neighbors if they need any help from a fence repair professional.

by Darla Walsh on Lone Star Fences New Braunfels
Great Service!

Was looking for a contractor to help us install our new home’s fencing and am glad I found out about you! You’re the most dedicated workers I’ve met and I’m very satisfied with your output. Great service!

by Cheryl Barker on Lone Star Fences New Braunfels
Can't Recommend Them Enough

I wanted to have a chain link fence installed in our backyard but didn’t know which contractor to hire. A friend recommended them to us for their excellent chain link fence installation service and they really live up to their reputation. They were very efficient and I could tell they really knew what they were doing. Can't recommend them enough.

by Shayna D. Fujiwara on Lone Star Fences New Braunfels
Good Job, guys!

My sister recently got married and moved to their new home. They were looking for an outdoor fencing contractor but I didn’t know any. I happen to find you guys online so I told her to call you. I was away while you did the work but when I visited their house, I was impressed with your output. Will call you next time if we need any fencing repair.

by Thomas S. on Lone Star Fences New Braunfels
Thank you for your service!

My wife suggested that we should have our home’s fence fixed. I simply don’t have the time and energy to do it so I hired you to do the work. You were very helpful and very professional! Thank you for granting my wife’s requests. To anyone reading this, I highly recommend these guys. Don’t look for another residential fencing contractor. These professionals are the right team for you.

by Iva Jones on Lone Star Fences New Braunfels
Very reliable

Have worked with other fencing contractors in the past but they weren’t as reliable as you. I could tell you have a lot of satisfied customers with the way you approached your work. You were highly skilled and well-organized. Thank you for finishing the task quickly.

by John A. on Lone Star Fences New Braunfels
Well-Organized Team

I would like to comment on how you guys didn’t have to be told and knew what should be done with my fence the moment you stepped into my humble property. I’m grateful. I know fence repair is no easy job but your team was well-organized and you even did the cleanup! Thank you very much.

by Kenneth Weathers on Lone Star Fences New Braunfels
They Have the Right Tools and Skills

Saved a lot of money thanks to you guys! I would’ve spent money on the tools for chain link fence installation if I hadn’t thought of hiring you. You didn’t only have the right tools; you also had the right skills. Would’ve injured myself if I did the job alone.

by Anna G. on Lone Star Fences New Braunfels

With your expertise in repair, my outdoor fencing looks great now. Very skilled team. You were all competent from start to finish. I will be hiring your services again in the future. Thank you!

by Lonnie M. on Lone Star Fences New Braunfels
Dependable Team

I knew I was in the right hands when I called them for help. Thank you so much. If you’re looking for a residential fencing contractor, I can guarantee that they’re a very dependable team. They’re experienced, skilled and can finish the job in no time.

by Emilio H. Young on Lone Star Fences New Braunfels
Awesome Services!

You were very honest and diligent from the beginning to the end of the job. Your team was right on time for fixing my fence and the tools and skills you have are impressive. Your fence repair service was swift and efficient. For sure, I will call your company again if I need help with my fence. Great job, guys. Thanks a lot. Will definitely recommend your crew to all my friends and neighbors.

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